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Belly Casting Keepsakes – Daytime Ottawa Rogers Interview

Belly Casting Keepsakes

Pregnancy Bowls by Dana Cote

I recently had the opportunity to speak on Daytime Ottawa Rogers TV about what you can do to spruce up your ‘closet casts’ (you know, the ones you did but never finished so they are stuck in the closet), and the beautiful artwork that can be created for expectant moms.

These amazing bowls are plaster, but can be finished and transformed to look like ceramic bowls or wood carvings, or something a little more more creative into unique art pieces. The best part, nobody needs to know they are casts of their pregnant belly so this intimate tangible memory remains private until they share that fun fact.

If you have a closet cast that needs a little help, or want to create a belly bowl to commemorate your own pregnancy, please call 613-220-0729 or send Dana a message.

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