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Transforming a Full Cast into a Bowl

Pregnancy Cast Project

Transforming a Full Pregnancy Cast into a Belly Bowl

It is not uncommon for a mom-to-be to have a cast done, whether at her baby shower with a little help from her friends, or by her husband in the comfort of their home. These fun and intimate activities create a lasting art piece that immortalizes the size of your pregnant belly for eternity.

 We don’t always have a specific vision in mind, so it is natural for mom to have had one casted, only to realize years later that she wishes she could use it instead of letting it collect dust in the closet. Even the raw casts, or those with a little too much for your intended project can be made into something even more unique and beautiful.

Check out this amazing transformation from a full torso cast into a belly bowl.

Before – Full Torso Cast


During – Trimming the Excess

After – Belly Bowl



If you have a cast at home that needs a little help or tweaking, or want to create a belly bowl to commemorate your own pregnancy, please call 613-220-0729 or send Dana a message.

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