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Welcome to my new site!

P1010075So welcome everyone to my new site. This picture was taken many years ago when I first decided to give belly casting a shot. It’s been a long road with many twists and turns but now I am back; at the beginning, and ready for another shot. I recently quit my other job to become a full time artist. In the past I would have used the term ‘starving’ artist, but I refuse to believe that now. I believe that I have enough talent and ingenuity to lead a happy, creative and peaceful life. I know its going to be a hard journey but with your support I am certain to succeed. I will keep y’all posted on my plans and progresses. Peace out.


  1. Vijay Vijay

    How much a bell cast or belly bowl cost?

    • Dana Cote Dana Cote

      sorry for the late response. My website has been giving me grief (glad I am updating it soon!). this is the breakdown: $50 for the actual casting. $150 for a ‘built” cast. $250 for a faux finished cast like ‘wood’ finishes. Artwork on top of that. the average cast costs a total of $300-$400. I always encourage my moms to at least get the casting done while you still can, and then we can go from there. You can take your time in deciding style and budget.

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