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Pricing, Shipping & Return Policy


Forever Bellies offers various styles of belly casting, with multiple finishing options to create a custom art piece to commemorate your pregnancy and/or womanhood.

Basic Cast: Either belly cast or belly bowl, unfinished: $75.00.
Standard Belly Cast: Consisting of belly and breasts, reinforced, sanded smooth and finished with one colour and varnished: $200.00.
Standard Belly Bowl: Belly only, reinforced, sanded smooth both inside and out, finished with one colour and varnished inside and out: $200.00.
Faux Finish Effect: Examples: stone, marble, leather, wood, etc.: $275 and up depending on complexity of design and size of cast.
Original Paintings: original artwork designed just for you: $325.00 and up.
Added Elements: Examples: glass, beads, leafing, gemstones, leather, tiles, etc.: priced accordingly.

If you already have a pre-made cast, Dana is also available for creating the custom artwork.

Please Note: Costs can be split into payments with a minimum down-payment of $75.00.

Shipping and Return Policy

If you are from out of town, insured shipping is available, at the buyer’s expense.


Other Related Services

If you would like to add additional services with your belly cast or belly bowl, visit the Vendor Love page for other related services from local Ottawa businesses.

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