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Pricing, Shipping & Return Policy


Forever Bellies offers various styles of belly casting, with multiple finishing options to create a custom art piece to commemorate your pregnancy and/or womanhood.

Basic Mold: Either belly cast or belly bowl, unfinished: $75.00.
Standard Belly Cast: Consisting of belly and breasts, reinforced, sanded smooth, primed and ready for paint: $200.00.
Standard Belly Bowl: Belly only, reinforced, sanded smooth both inside and out, primed and ready for paint: $200.00.
Faux Finish Effect: Examples: stone, marble, leather, wood, etc.: $275 and up depending on complexity of design and size of cast.
Original Paintings: original artwork designed just for you: $325.00 and up.
Added Elements: Examples: glass, beads, leafing, gemstones, leather, lettering, textures, etc.: priced accordingly.

If you already have a pre-made cast, I am also available to create custom artwork. you just need to ship me your homemade mold from anywhere around the world and I will build it and finish it to your liking.

Please Note: Costs can be split into payments with a minimum down-payment of $100.00.

Shipping and Return Policy

If you are from out of town, insured shipping is available, at the buyer’s expense.

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