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The Casting Experience

The experience of having a cast made can be very bonding between you and your partner, or it can be an ideal fun activity to share with your close girlfriends at your baby shower.

A Belly Cast makes a great gift for the expectant mother in your life, and getting one madeĀ is a very easy and gentle process. It takes little time and space.forever bellies ottawa belly cast artist in progress red bikini pregnant woman The process generally takes place in your home, alone or with your partner; or at your baby shower with your close friends. There is nothing that you need to worry about as I bring all supplies needed and clean up is a snap.

The process to create a cast requires that the part of your body being cast is covered in Vaseline and then the plaster wraps are applied. It takes no more then an hour to do. I then take the cast home to reinforce it and finish it to your liking.

The time it takes to finish a cast is approximately four to six weeks.

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